Hey Guys, if any of you are looking weekend getaway with some racing and southern charm..... here it is. This track in located in the heart of downtown with plenty to see and do trackside along with the enjoyment of our fair city! 

Historic Sportscar Racing returns to Savannah Harbor Racecourse on Hutchinson Island. One of the features includes the IMSA Classic Series which highlights the early years of IMSA before the GTP era. B.O.S.S. Series, Formula Atlantic and Formula 2, Klubsport Challange Series, Historic Moto Gran Prix and many more!   

Would love to see some 968 guys!

Info @:

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Joel, I might be able to convince my wife to head your way, under the guise of visiting lovely historic Savannah.

The website is spotty on details -- do you know anything about the RV parking? It's only $20, which seems too cheap to include hookups.

And we are talking about Savannah, right? She would kill me if we ended up in Pooler. :-)

Don't she know " Its cooler in Pooler!" I will check into the RV sites and get back with you. If you wanted to add the beach to this weekend, I can help you get a great rate at the RV park out at Tybee.

Just wanted to remind all of you about this up coming race! We are also having a in-field car show Saturday during the race. Enter the car show and save $5.00 buck on the price of the event! If you need additional info email me at mjc.llc@comcast.net Hope to see some of you.


Just a couple of every day daily drivers!
A few cars from the Ogelthorpe Car Club!
What's that gorgeous red one in the middle? :-)

Love the Panoz Esperante, too. I've toured the factory a few times and am impressed with the technology in the car and the build quality.
Thats my "new" track car. Currently stock but now putting together all the parts to do a Turbo RS replica tack car!!!

That Panoz belong to a good friend of mine who also has one the their track cars. If you own a Panoz you are part of the family. The level on service from the factory is unbelievable not to mention $50.00 per hour labor rates!!


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