Restoring my 92 968 Cab but need assistance locating engine parts

Hi everyone, I used to be a member way back when this site had troubles. I love this site and glad to see it fully operational again. Anyway, I still own my cab but my engine needs rebuilt. I've pulled it out and started the tear down process and in the process of gathering the necessary rebuild parts. I'm hoping someone can help me locate a decent source for internal parts, like pistons for example. I am able to find most the other stuff but I need to know if they make oversized pistons if I need to bore the block or if I'll need to sleeve the block and use stock pistons. Either way I just need to know. I love this car and really want to see it come to life again. Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. I will try and post pics along the way. The one thing that I know I need to replace in the engine compartment are the battery cables as they are the cause of battery drain do to them being old and brittle and causing a direct short. I'm very looks this didn't end up as a fire salvage.


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 Porsche recommends replacing the rods on 92 cars due to a weak area on the 92 rods.

Probably have to wait til the machine shop checks the bore. Yes there are .5 & 1mm larger pistons available according to the PET.

You should search and download the parts catalog and the service manual. Should be able to find links on this site. Parts cat is available at the Pelican site and prob. other parts vendors sites.

The above will help you to get a more visual grasp on things you may need or just dont know what they are or forgotten where they came from.

Thanks for the info. I will look up the sources and parts as suggested

Pete Fitzpatrick of RS Barn is a great resource for all things 968.  Someone else you might want to contact for your particular situation is Karl Poeltl, owner of Racer's Edge in Tennessee.  He's a supplier for Wossner pistons, and could answer a lot of your questions.  Lindsey Racing is also a great resource, although they specialize more in 944's, particularly turbos, vs. the 3.0 liters.  I've just finished rebuilding my engine, and am getting ready to put it back in the car.  Make sure to replace every seal and o-ring, as you'll never get an opportunity like this again.  Read the manual carefully, as there are several steps that could catch you off guard if you're not prepared.  Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to compare notes.

Thanks for information.  i would definitely like to compare notes sometime.  Do you happen to have the link to download the service manual?  I'm having trouble finding it.  I use to have it on a cd somewhere but its been too long and a move since i've seen it.  I will check out these other places for parts as you've suggested.  Thanks again.


I'm afraid I can't remember where I downloaded my copy of the manual from.  It's a huge document (234 meg), as you might expect.  Go ahead and friend request me, and after I accept, we can exchange IMs.  Send me your email via IM, and I'll see if there's a way I can get it to you. There's a software I've used in the past for sending and receiving huge documents that worked well;  I'll have to dig it up.  The manual isn't terribly well organized, but it's indispensable for doing the rebuild.  The other document you're going to need is the "PET" (not sure what that stands for) - it's the parts catalog.  It's needed to select the part numbers you need, and it contains a lot of great diagrams of the engine's sub-systems.


Thanks found them... thats very cool to have.  I'll post progress on here.

you should download the 944 manual also as the 968 man. is a continuation of the 944's.

Ok so I wanted to update everyone on my progress.  It's been a long road getting my 968 cab back to road worthy.  Some of it was due to miss information.. but my journey started when I bought the car 12 years back.  From the start it never had any power over 3k RPM and it was a struggle to and slow process to troubleshoot all of the things that could have been wrong.  The car had fairly high mileage so I knew an engine rebuild was in the future so I decided to take the plunge and do it.  So 2 years ago, I pulled the engine and began the rebuild process.  It was a lot of fun doing the rebuild and a few great people with great advice made it easy to get all back together and back in the car.. only to find that I still had the same "no power" issue as before.  At least I knew 1 thing.. it wasn't a worn out engine.  So I continued to troubleshoot all things electrical and fuel related.. changed out sensors and swapped MAF sensor, tested vario cam solenoids and had all injectors rebuilt.  Still nothing fixed the issue of "no power".  Fuel pressure and flow were right.. everything seemed to check out.. so I suspected exhaust being plugged up.. took it to the muffler shop and they poked a hole into the CAT and tested for flow and said all was good. I was nearing the end of the my rope with what else to do.. So I reached out to Pete at RS Barn who was kind enough to help me troubleshoot over email and over the course of a few weeks we eliminated a few other options.. Pete suggested I bring him the car as he had tools, knowledge and parts if needed to diagnose things.  It was the longest 8 hour trip hauling the car to his place.  Pete test drove the car and felt that the issue was exhaust related, but since I had it checked by a reputable shop, we felt the need to look at other things first, like cam timing and such.  After 5 hours of troubleshooting we came to the conclusion that the everything was right and the last thing to do was to manually inspect the exhaust.  We dropped the complete exhaust system down and there lie the smoking gun.  One very plugged up CAT converter with a large chunk trying to come through the pipe.  We replaced the exhaust system and low and behold for the first time in 12 years, the car had power like it should.  I'm very thankful to Pete and this forum for having a place to talk through issues.  Sometimes they are not that complicated, and sometimes it takes a small army to solve an issue.  In my case, miss information led me away from finding the problem sooner.  So I went from not knowing much about the 968 to being intimately acquainted now.  I may not be the expert Pete and others are but I would like to help by helping others as Pete helped me.  Thanks again Pete!


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