redbaron's 968 Celebration coupe sold on bring a trailer today

I had sold my 968 coupe, with 15,000 miles on the odometer, in 2013 and it sold today on www.bringatrailer.com The website had a very detailed description of the car (and 200 plus photos), which now has 22,000 miles and a driving video! Bottom line, the bidding was intense and closed this afternoon at around 2:45 pm. 

For those who attended many of the 968 Celebrations and Gatherings in Hershey, the Capital and Newtown, you know this car was mint and the price paid today reflects it. 

Glad to see that Ray's website, the PCA 968 Register and the creation of the 968 Celebration in Hershey (with the tech quiz, PCA judging, dinner, etc) helped create interest in this beautiful car.

Ignore the 2019-2020 edition of the Porsche Buyers Guide, your 968 just got more valuable, perhaps making in a collectible "B" from a "C".

Red Baron in Hershey, PA

p.s. Hope the new owner is a current member of 968.net and the PCA 968 Register or will now join both organizations.

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