My daughter and her two children recently moved back into our area and is experiencing financial difficulties. After much thought, I have decided to sell my 1994 Porsche 968 Guards Red Coupe (with 15,075 miles on the odometer) and include the original and Targa roofs, plus a custom stitched Bra. I will also be selling all of my 968 Memorabilia (968 Library, books, 1:43 and 1:24 models, jewelry, crystal, etc). For those of you who have attended any one of the eight 968 Celebrations in Hershey that I hosted over the years, and/or also attended our Tech Sessions in my garage, you know that the Car is a collector item. Car has been religiously maintained by my local Porsche dealership (I am not a wrench) and service book is current with 15,000 mile service performed this past summer.


It has been great working with Ray Starbird when his website first came up. I remember Ray, and many of you, attending our Hershey Celebrations (total of almost 250 different owners, some multiple years, showed up over the 8 year period!). Well, if you have been lusting over my garage queen or the 968 memorabilia that I always brought to 968 events, here is your chance to own them.


Please contact me at dhassenbein@comcast.net and I will forward photos of the car for your review and answer any of your questions on the car or memorabilia. I will sell the car alone or sell both the car and memorabilia at a package price.


Redbaron (Don Hassenbein)

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Very happy to say that I have had numerous inquiries on both my 94 968 plus on the 968 memorabilia items. Still working on putting together the Inventory and photos (amazing how many 968 items I purchased over the last 29 years - lol!).

First serious buyer is coming in from NJ next week to check out the car and make an offer. If you are interested in this mint car, let me know soon at dhassenbein@comcast.net


Do you have vehicle maintenance manuals?  If so, what are you asking?  I have a guards red 1992 Porsche 968 Cabriolet.  Thank you,  Mark

Mark, yes I bought the car new and have all the original documents that came with the car. However, I suspect the new buyer coming in next Tuesday will want all that stuff. If not, will let you know.

Update - new buyer (from Kansas City) wire transferred the money last Wed. and flew in Monday to pick up the car. We replaced the Saratoga Top with the original roof for his long trip ahead. He then drove to New York State for a meeting that night and left for Kansas City this Wednesday. He should be home today or Saturday.


I guess my 15,068 mile 1994 968 Coupe will have a few more miles on it when he parks it in his garage next to his 2009 GT2 - lol! As my wife says "It ain't your car no more so do not worry about it" - lol!



Congratulations. He's a lucky guy. :-)

Monte, good news is that he has a very good mechanic locally that will baby my old baby just like she is used to. I also gave him 2 extra sets of mats for the car plus some rare headlight housings that seem to crack over the years.


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