Hello 968 team,

Does anyone have experience with resealing the rear window glass to the frame, from researching the issue it seems to be a common problem with the breed, and even more prevalent in warmer climates (ie Socal). I was considering removing the hatch, disasembling all the surrounding frame, and carefully resealing with a high quality RTV compound (black or clear). Just thought there might be some hints/tricks out there learned from experience with same. Also, information regarding the type of paint used on the perimeter of the glass, which I noticed peels away from the glass, on so many of the 968 examples out there.

Thanks for any/all the support in advance!



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 The best advise I could give, as someone who has 2 968's and a 951, is to go to a professional. I had one done in Wa. state and the guy charged $200. He was sorry afterwards, but stuck to his quote. Has been 2 yrs. No problem even with new hatch struts.

Need another one done now, am in Ga. and not sure who to take it to. Kind of low on funds now.

I did make an attempt with the first one, but chickened out. After watching the guy at the glass shop for a little while, I decided I had made the best choice.

Hello fello 968 owner.  I am about to fix mine as well and came across these two articles.  I share with you for your enlightenment.



As I have stated, I have not yet done this but seemed to think between both of these articles enough information should be presented to do the job correctly. 


Good Luck,

Jack Harris,

Thanks Ken and Jack for the information. I'll ease into the repair, or perhaps farm out the job......

After trying to just get an estimate, I've decided to do the job myself. None of 2-3 reputable glass shops here would even get back to me. I guess the job is too challenging and ends up being a money loser for the standard glass shops, not to mention the massive liability if they break the glass.

Wish me luck.


 Thanks agian for the advice guys.


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