So, you'd love a rare coupe but you are not into the gaudy colors (like mint green). Well, Dino spotted this coupe for sale on Craigslist in the Buffalo NY area. It is 1 of 2 coupes painted in the 1992 only color of code 59 turquoise, a $1500 paint option. A 6spd, it is nicely optioned with painted crests, LSD, full power and heated driver's seat. hi-fi sound with Amp, and a factory wood shifter knob. It is paired with the black/cashmere partial leather seats. The other coupe in the same coloris paired with the classic grey/light grey interior. There was only 1 cab painted in this color and it has a black top and interior. The color looks a little greener the wimbledon to me. PM me if you need contact information. Seller is asking $14.5K.


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I gotta say that crest stuck on the rear fender near the rear lights looks silly.
agreed, did Porsche stick that emblem there or the dealer?
No, PO added the sticker to cover a dent.
maybe they don't have paintless dent repair in the P.O.'s town?

That is all you Jeff.  Might clash with minty though.  :)





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