I am in the process of buying a 1995 968 coupe and will be setting it up for track and street use.  Can someone please tell me what the proper spring coil rates are for the front and rear.  Thanks!

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Hi - I recently asked a similar question elsewhere. May want to check out the thread and threads there in.

I don't know your experience but as a rule of thumb, these cars can track driven stock for 2 or more years before most people's skills exceed the factory suspension.  As a racer and DE instructor , I would start with the factory spring rates and sway bars and spend the money on a good alignment and an extra set of wheels and race tires.  The factory rates are good to learn on and are very forgiving in the balance of the car.  Post your experience level if you are not a beginner and I will try to give you some more advanced setups.


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