Parts for Sale: flywheel, airbox, clutch master/slave, sunshield

Sold my 968 a few years ago and am finally doing some spring cleaning and clearing out extra parts I had stored in my basement. Here's a list of the items available.....all are for the Porsche 968, but some may work for other similar models such as the 944. I haven't set prices yet, so send me a reasonable offer for anything you're interested in and I'll get in touch to discuss.

Fidanza Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel - Great condition. Only installed in my 968 for less than 8k miles of street driving.

Air Intake Box - Stock air filter box in great condition. Just missing one metal clip, but doesn't affect functionally.

Clutch Master Cylinder - New condition. Bought for a repair I never got around to, so brand new.

Clutch Slave Cylinder - New condition. Bought for a repair I never got around to, so brand new.

Sunshield - Reflective sunshield fitted to the windshield. This one should work fine for a 944 and maybe other models.

I'm located in Massachusetts, in case anyone local wants to pickup in person.  Otherwise will work out paypal and shipping options with buyer.



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Hi Mitch, Is the flywheel still around?

Yes, it is.  Just PM me if you'd like to discuss.

How much for the Clutch Master & Slave Cylinders? What brand/where did you source them  & how long ago? Thanks!

Hi.  Is the sun shield still there??? Thanks

Mitch: Do you still have the air filter box? Top, bottom or both? How much do you want for them. My bottom is warped a little.

Do you have the Batwing/Underbody Panel???  If so what is the price??

Bob Fletcher   phone: 502-225-9306  -  e-mail:  bndff@juno.com


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