I have a daily driven 140k mile 968 6 speed coupe. I have had the joy of owning one of the most understated cars of all time, but due to few careless drivers I now have a dinged up vehicle. 2 parking lot < 5mph "oops" moments and a teen driver that didn't check her blind spot have left me with a mechanically sound car covered in dents. 


Car still drives straight and cranks first try. Transmission is in great shape no notchy gears. As the second owner, I have had the car for three years since 75K miles. Before me a doctor in New Jersey used it as a toy car driving it only in the summer. This was my third car behind an Alfa Romeo GTV 6 (James Bond in Octopussy) and an Audi TT Alms edition. I have since moved on to a more practical car (2010 Tdi golf 6speed) and would like save up for a 993 turbo. 


Parts list for sale:

Motor (including hoses, radiator, ecu, wiring harness, alternator, starter, mounts, intake, fuel rail, all pumps and headers)              $3,500


6 speed manual transmission ( including adapters pressure plate factory clutch and hardware)



4 cup style wheels with <1500 mile dunlop Z1 Direzza tires  ($600)


anything else you'd like contact me. Pictures available on request. Prices are negotiable. 


Until the motor is sold, I drive the car to work (20 miles round trip) to make sure that it doesn't sit up. Can provide video of car driving upon request.

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If this car is still largely complete and driveable, I'd be interested in buying the whole car.

do you have the locks and the keys for the rear seat delete boxes. there are two locks.





Do you have: p/n 944-505-121-00 ventilation grille and the cover that goes from the bottom of the front chin back to the radiator support ( Pelican refers to it as p/n 944-505-075-00 liner)?

Bob Sears


I am interested in buying the right headlamp lens and retainer, and the trunk release microswitch. 




Hi, What color are the interior door panels, what shape are they in? Could you send pix to sf22@mac.com.

Thanks in advance

Spare tire? Call if yes 7063922580 Thx Mark

Do you have an airbag control module? Please reply to Matt@greecetravel.com


Where are you located???  I am interested in the windsheild, ignition switch, and the front cover under the raditor.

If they are available, what price??

Bob Fletcher

do you have the locks and the keys for the rear seat delete boxes. there are two locks




interested in rear window, please give me price for shipping to Europe with insurance.

could you please email me sizes and pictures of the wheels

are you interested in selling the headlights?

thanks, Bob whatcheer@cox.net

I need the front seat belt latches that the combination lap/shuolder belt clicks into.  They're bolted to the inner side of the front seats.  Any chance you have a pair of these available?  Thanks.


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