I have a daily driven 140k mile 968 6 speed coupe. I have had the joy of owning one of the most understated cars of all time, but due to few careless drivers I now have a dinged up vehicle. 2 parking lot < 5mph "oops" moments and a teen driver that didn't check her blind spot have left me with a mechanically sound car covered in dents. 


Car still drives straight and cranks first try. Transmission is in great shape no notchy gears. As the second owner, I have had the car for three years since 75K miles. Before me a doctor in New Jersey used it as a toy car driving it only in the summer. This was my third car behind an Alfa Romeo GTV 6 (James Bond in Octopussy) and an Audi TT Alms edition. I have since moved on to a more practical car (2010 Tdi golf 6speed) and would like save up for a 993 turbo. 


Parts list for sale:

Motor (including hoses, radiator, ecu, wiring harness, alternator, starter, mounts, intake, fuel rail, all pumps and headers)              $3,500


6 speed manual transmission ( including adapters pressure plate factory clutch and hardware)



4 cup style wheels with <1500 mile dunlop Z1 Direzza tires  ($600)


anything else you'd like contact me. Pictures available on request. Prices are negotiable. 


Until the motor is sold, I drive the car to work (20 miles round trip) to make sure that it doesn't sit up. Can provide video of car driving upon request.

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if you find,please email me born2_b.wild@yahoo.com

Looking for the black rubber pieces on both driver and passenger side that are about 8 inches long and attached to the top where the window meets it.

Cig lighter

Black plastic part under the car in front

black plugs that cover the screws in interior around windshield (6)

black plug that covers the screw in front where to screw in the tool to tow the car





also the headlight relay- in fuse box the headlamp control it is G17 & G18 it is about 2 inches by 1 inch with 18 prongs

Do you have a good (no rock chips) driver's fog lamp?


Tks, Dave

Hi - Do you still have the transmission and engine?


Do you have the inside door panels? if so what condition and color are they?

Thanks S


I would be interested in buying the pair of door mirrors and door handles. 

Please let me know how much you would like for them. 

I might be interested in the motor or best only the block. To be shipped to Europe.

How mauch do you ask for the back hatch/window?

Best, Tobias

I need the rear trunk micro switch with wire that connects to the key insert.  It is part number 944.624.030.00. Let me know.

i need a clock and cubby if you still have them


803 517 6638

Looking to purchase the rear window shield or the complete rear trunk... Best to email me at finesta101@Yahoo.com, i am looking to buy it right away. 

Hi - I just got clipped a few days ago and need the passenger side taillight assembly.  Do you have that available ??  Please contact me at:  sailman4@gmail.com


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