This is a one owner car. It is a driver not a show car. The car has 163k miles. Please e-mail with the item you are looking for, car is also going on e-bay.




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I need the black rubber pieces on each side of the of the top where the window meets (2) pieces. Also 6 black screw covers that go over screws around the windshield.

The black plug that covers the tow screw in front.

The cap on a slide that controls the air (black)

The black plastic piece that goes under the car in front- mine is ripped a bit- darn parking bumpers

Thank you!!



I have the front trim with the cap, for the tow hook. I will check on the cap for the air.


I have the tow hook just need the plug that hides the hole.


Also need headlamp relay it is in fuse box 2inch by 1 inch G17 & G18 with 18 prongs.

The rubber pieces are attached to the side of the top and meet the verticle part of windows that go up and down



Hey Pete,

do you have the rubber weather stripping for the cab windows ?



Do you have the Rear trunk Microswitch that opens the trunk when you put the key in the key hole?  It is located behind the rear key hole.  It is part no. 944.624.030.00.  Can you email me? moliveria@cox.net

hi Pete,

do you have the temp unit on the dash and does it work. 

Its the digital read out to the right of the vents

how much?


Sorry that has sold. If you need any other part email me.



Pete do you have the inside door panels?

Yes I do. They are in fair shape. The backing board has been wet before.



Hey Peter, can I see a few photos of each. Especially the top part where the round speaker is. Mine are a bit scuffed up. my email is sf22 at mac dot com.

How much are you looking to get for them.

thanks Steve

Hi Steve:

 I will get some photos today for you. Make me a offer on them including shipping.  Please understand that shipping is going to be high. So I don't want a lot for them. Lets just cover the shipping cost and just kick a little back to me. Check out the photos and determine if you need all the parts on the panels. (Like door levers & arm rests)



Hi, I am in need of the rear driver side tail light. However, I would purchase both if you have them.



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