I have a 1992 968 cab which got wrecked with a roof collapse last winter the convertible frame is shot and windshield got wrecked . I have a perfect black airbag dash pulled for $550. I also have perfect seats , 4 way power with black leather for $750 for the pair with no wear, The car was garage kept most of its life. PM and I can send photos to your email or phone

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yes I have the 9 6 8 numbers.  Used condition.

my968 at me.com

Looking for the lower front "batwing" spoiler, Porsche part # 944 505 075 00

Hello......I busted left rear tail light assembly. What price, if you have unit, will you want?? Articgolf@hotmail.com....Bill

Hi Bart... Just joined (4/16) this post is from a while ago... do you still have parts?

I need to replace the instrument cluster on my 968 Cab. Do you have one?


I know you posted this a while ago but I am looking for 1 or 2 of 94451148500. They are called Hood Buffers. Small rubber foam filling pieces where the hood sits on the wings. 


Looking for the lock for the cab's rear glove compartments - right side or both.

Need the passenger fog light

Driver side headlight unit

Drivers side rear tail light unit

Left hand driving

Do you still have parts?

I am looking for two convertible top gaskets that seal the drivers and passenger side window glass.

Thanks, Mark P.


Hi, any chance you have the following items available:

- wheels (I'm looking for the 16")

- dash 

Thank you in advance!!




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