I have a 1992 968 cab which got wrecked with a roof collapse last winter the convertible frame is shot and windshield got wrecked . I have a perfect black airbag dash pulled for $550. I also have perfect seats , 4 way power with black leather for $750 for the pair with no wear, The car was garage kept most of its life. PM and I can send photos to your email or phone

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I'm interested in a couple of things. Can you send photos to jeffery.coe@snet.net

Where are you located?


Interested as well
Give me some contact info. What parts go you need? Bart
Accept my friend request and send me a message..
I have obtained bumperettes.
Looking for a passenger side (right) tail light housing.
Hi......I'm in need of two front small bumperetts. Articgolf@hotmail.com. 843-836-2819. Bill.
I have obtained bumperettes

Not sure if you still have parts available, but I'm looking for a clean passenger side front fender and some rear hatch trim pieces. Thanks!

I just bought an 94' 968 off of ebay and to say the least the car was slightly misrepresented lol. I need all kinds of stuff ie interior, carpets, lower front grill/valence, underpan and just found out gas tank leaks at top of tank. I have an 944 turbo parts car but not sure what all I can salvage from that...Curious how far away you are and what you have left to sell ? Thanks Ed Boyle

Whoops Ed Boyle email is boylecom@bellsouth.net

Hi, I am brand new to 968.net.  I have a 95 cab and need a few things...  I need the front bumperettes and could also use a console.  I am also having trouble finding the weatherstrips that run along the sides of the car between the body panels.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am located in Ohio just south of Cleveland and can't wait for spring.  


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