I have a 1992 968 cab which got wrecked with a roof collapse last winter the convertible frame is shot and windshield got wrecked . I have a perfect black airbag dash pulled for $550. I also have perfect seats , 4 way power with black leather for $750 for the pair with no wear, The car was garage kept most of its life. PM and I can send photos to your email or phone

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Hi Bart,

I am wrapping up a full restoration and I am curious to know if the dashboard is still available and if by chance if you have a RIGHT FRONT fog lamp assembly. Please get in contact.  I can be reached by email or phone.


David-Anthony Powell | Chicago, IL 60622 

E: da.powell@me.com | M: 917-494-8885

Hi Bart...sorry to hear about your misfortunate...very unfortunate.  Curious to know if you might have a fog lamp assembly...please let me know.



How about an Air Mass Meter, part #951-606-125BX

I am looking for fog lamp assemblies--both right and left. Do you have?


  Any interior parts left or top pieces?

Please drop me a note on what you have left. I would be possibly interested in what you have left.

Bart, by chance do you have the steering wheel...hoping it's black by chance.  Please let me know.



Do you have an airbag control module? 

I have a 92 968 and I'm trying to locate an air circulation button. If you still have this part I'd like to purchase. john

Need front rubber bumpers.  Do you have y price??  



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