I have a 1992 968 cab which got wrecked with a roof collapse last winter the convertible frame is shot and windshield got wrecked . I have a perfect black airbag dash pulled for $550. I also have perfect seats , 4 way power with black leather for $750 for the pair with no wear, The car was garage kept most of its life. PM and I can send photos to your email or phone

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What color console?
Tan, gray, or blue.

I am looking for a driver's side exterior door handle. Do you have one?

still looking for front bumperettes and a black console.  Thank you

Sorry, no black consoles or bumperettes.

Check Porsche for front bumperettes.  They do not cost much.

Got my front bumperettes from Paragon for $20 each

Looking for the Locks with Key to the rear cubbies if your car is equipped.


Need the cam and lever that locks the top to the windshield frame.

I finally found on the internet for $115. The underlying problem still exists however. The cabriolet top has shrunk - probably from being left down (slack) all the time. Closing and locking it puts quite a strain on the cam lever which forces the top to close tight against windshield frame. That strain is what twisted and broke the cam lever before I bought the car.  What means can I employ to stretch the top - preferably when the car is away for the winter ... steam and stretch?

I need the back shelf under the cab top. Mine is warped beyond repair.

I have a feeling that Bart has gotten rid of his car. I received no on or off-line response and I note that no others have received an on-line responce.. 


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