I would like to paint my old black calipers a complimentary color of the Midnight Blue of the body. It seems as though the factory finish is a rubberized surface. Has anyone tried to repaint verses buying new?

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I don't see why you cannot paint them. There are brake caliber paint kids available on the net. You can also go to your favorite car supply store and get a can of engine paint ( good for high temperatures) Not sure how picky you are with color. I think red would be a perfect contrast to your Midnight Blue.  Just make sure it can handle 500F temp. Application is somewhat tricky. Might have to take them off, and you don't want to paint over the Porsche logo.

Good Luck!!

Thanks for the input. I was aware of the paint temperature concerns, but figured if I attacked this project, I would want to do all 4 at the same time. This brings up the challenge of re-energizing the brake system upon re-installation by myself. So I have begun shopping for the break bleeding kits...

Now, isn't there a way to lift off the calibers (like you do when you replace pads) from the disc without disconnecting the hoses. Then seal off anything you don't want painted (you will have to pull the pads out as well) and go from there? I have never done it, but somebody out there must have some experience in this field.


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