My '92 coupe lost the temperature indicator on a recent trip to Birmingham. Aside from how to remove the round disc in the dash next to the instrument, I haven't found any useful info on removing and replacing this instrument. Nor have I found anyone offering this piece.  To more fully explain, I have a visible background light on the instrument face  at night, but no temperature read out.  The instrument looks blank in daylight.  I haven't dug into the factory manual yet.  By the way, Clark's Garage gave me the correct advice for a failed cruise control. Once again it was the circuit board at the driver's left knee.  

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Thanks to the PET parts listing posted here, I can at least identify the part number for the temperature indicator I sought info on in the above post.  It is the Outside Temperature Gauge, 9444 641 223 00, and it appears on Illustration Page 903-00 in PET.  Thanks for posting that info.  Now I search for the part.

So mine went out as your did.  I found a guy in Miami Florida.  I shipped him mine and he sent me a refurbished one.  Can't remember how much it was, but mine now works.  His user ID on EBay is: Promotion951.  Do a search for that on EBay and message him.

Hope this helps.



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