I just returned from a week-long 2100 mile road trip in the 968.  Before leaving I made sure that the oil and coolant levels were topped off and this morning I checked them again.  I found that the oil is now 1/2 quart below the top line of the dipstick and the coolant level has changed from the top of the MAX to the bottom of the MAX, so it's fallen about 1/2" in the coolant reservoir but still well above the MIN mark.  Are these oil and coolant losses normal or do they indicate leaks?  Besides that the 968 ran absolutely perfectly the entire time - I just put fuel in it and drove!

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I do not lose ANY coolant whatsoever, but I go through at least one quart of oil every 1,000 mi, maybe even less.
No oil in the coolant, no oil leaks of any kind, no burned oil, it's as clean as new, the car runs perfectly, but just consumes oil like crazy... from what I read however, perfectly normal for our cars.. even one quart every 500 mi is supposedly not outside the norm for 968s.
A little less than that for me, but I always keep a quart of oil in the trunk just to be careful. The oil warning lamp hits the millisecond the bottom dipstick mark shows the oil level.
Head gaskets are starting to be bad news in our cars. If it hasn't been done in last 5 years it's probably time.
Thats normal consumption for oil, but the coolant loss is something to look at. If it doesn't drop below the MIN mark, I wouldn't worry about it, as there might have been a bit of air in the system that worked its way out, but be on the lookout for hose leaks and a coolant cap that doesn't hold pressure. If it stays at the MIN level over the next couple of weeks of driving it, then you are fine. If it drops more (and you'll be fine until it drops about half way between the bottom of the tank and the MIN line) then you should get a bit more serious about tracking this down.

Altho Kim is correct that our cars are getting older and more susceptible to HG failures, thats not the first place I would look. Typically, when the head gasket really needs replacing, it will let you know it.. :)
I would think the oil consumption is more the norm. Depending on how 'spirited' your driving was, you could easily eat some oil. As far as the coolant, that definitely does not sound normal. There should be no coolant loss from a 1700 mile trip.
These engines were not built as tight as today's engines and anything above 600miles/quart was within normal consumption, as per Porsche.
This is an old thread but that oil consumption seems high. I just drove my '94 coupe 2,900 miles from Arizona to Maryland in 2 1/2 days and my oil level did not drop at all and neither did my coolant level.
It sucks to still be losing coolant after all the hoses you replaced!
I would look for traces of burning coolant when you start the car. Have you tried doing a pressure test? You can also test for exhaust gases in the coolant. I wouldn't jump to any conclusions yet but you need to make sure it's not your head gasket.
There's no obvious burning coolant and we did a pressure test on the cooling system to find there was a leak in one of the heater core hoses and the radiator temp switch, so I replaced them both in addition to other several other hoses. Haven't done another pressure test yet to confirm that all leaks are gone though so that'll be next.
a simple test for head gasket water loss is to remove spark plugs, after car left over night to cool, place paper (news print?) on right hand wing, then turn over on starter motor, small amount of water will be forced out and on to the paper.
if driven hard car will use oil, some will be lost from balance shaft oil seals that is difficult to see.
Aluminum blocks & heads respond to temperatures more thand cast iron. Get rid of your synthetic oil and use "Dinosaur" oil such as my '92 968 has a mylar sticker under the bonnet that indicates SHELL petrol products.

I use Castrol GTX 10-w40 in the summer and go to 10-w30 in winter. You will notice a difference in lifter noise using REAL OIL vs. Synthetic.

Some will tell you that Synthetic Oil will not break down if the motor overheats - then watch your guages and park it if it does.

Even using Castrol, it is regular that every 1,000 miles I need to add 1/2 to 1 quart.



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