Hi Everyone,

It's been a long time since my last post.  I have a 92 Cab and am in the process of restoring it back to its original glory. 

Let me state my problem.. Starts and runs good.  Under no load, seems to rev decent but when you go to drive it, it seems like there isn't much power.. when I press on the gas pedal I get induction noise but no real power. Also, when I reach about 4300 to 4500 I get engine ping and have to back off the pedal.  After setting the timing and very sure that mechanically things are ok.  I'm not so confident that the Solenoid is doing its job.  Its almost as if the car isn't retarding the timeing as I increase RPM's and if I understand it correctly, it should begin to retard timing at 4500 rpm to allow the engine more power to achieve the higher rpms. 

I'm looking for any advice from this point forward.  I'm thinking it could be the solendoid or it could be the ECU.  Has anyone else had this issue and if so what did you do to fix it?

Here is a little more background on what i've done to the car.  Since my last post i've completely rebuilt the engine and clutch system.  While everything was apart, I replaced things like water pumpt etc.  So i get it all back together and I painstakenly put the engine in time... followed insturctions to a "t".  I was hoping that my original problem would be taken care of and that was lots of induction noise but no power.  After all of this, i'm down to wondering if my variocam system is actually working.  I've looked at just about everything regarding that system.  The cams look good, chain and pads.  I've added air to the system while timing and I can see the piston advance and move the cams.  I applied 12V to the variocam solenoid and can hear it click but i'm not sure its actually working.

I appreciate any help

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Ok so I wanted to update everyone on my progress.  It's been a long road getting my 968 cab back to road worthy.  Some of it was due to miss information.. but my journey started when I bought the car 12 years back.  From the start it never had any power over 3k RPM and it was a struggle to and slow process to troubleshoot all of the things that could have been wrong.  The car had fairly high mileage so I knew an engine rebuild was in the future so I decided to take the plunge and do it.  So 2 years ago, I pulled the engine and began the rebuild process.  It was a lot of fun doing the rebuild and a few great people with great advice made it easy to get all back together and back in the car.. only to find that I still had the same "no power" issue as before.  At least I knew 1 thing.. it wasn't a worn out engine.  So I continued to troubleshoot all things electrical and fuel related.. changed out sensors and swapped MAF sensor, tested vario cam solenoids and had all injectors rebuilt.  Still nothing fixed the issue of "no power".  Fuel pressure and flow were right.. everything seemed to check out.. so I suspected exhaust being plugged up.. took it to the muffler shop and they poked a hole into the CAT and tested for flow and said all was good. I was nearing the end of the my rope with what else to do.. So I reached out to Pete at RS Barn who was kind enough to help me troubleshoot over email and over the course of a few weeks we eliminated a few other options.. Pete suggested I bring him the car as he had tools, knowledge and parts if needed to diagnose things.  It was the longest 8 hour trip hauling the car to his place.  Pete test drove the car and felt that the issue was exhaust related, but since I had it checked by a reputable shop, we felt the need to look at other things first, like cam timing and such.  After 5 hours of troubleshooting we came to the conclusion that the everything was right and the last thing to do was to manually inspect the exhaust.  We dropped the complete exhaust system down and there lie the smoking gun.  One very plugged up CAT converter with a large chunk trying to come through the pipe.  We replaced the exhaust system and low and behold for the first time in 12 years, the car had power like it should.  I'm very thankful to Pete and this forum for having a place to talk through issues.  Sometimes they are not that complicated, and sometimes it takes a small army to solve an issue.  In my case, miss information led me away from finding the problem sooner.  So I went from not knowing much about the 968 to being intimately acquainted now.  I may not be the expert Pete and others are but I would like to help by helping others as Pete helped me.  Thanks again Pete!


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