No instrument or license plate lights and fuse # 38 blows?

Have a problem with fuse # 38 (7.5A) for the instrument and license plate lights. 


The 7.5A fuse blows as soon as the headlight switch is turned to any 'on' position. 


Nothing obvious after removing and checking the license plate light assemblies.  Also replaced the dimmer switch and headlight switch but no change. 


According to the label these are the only two light circuits that share this fuse. 


Has to be something simple.  Anyone experienced before or have any ideas?

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Take out the licenses plate bulb and turn on the circuit , see if it blows the fuse still ,if it does , check inside the socket to see if the contacts have come loose and are grounded to each other or if an old contact or other junk , from a bulb is stuck in there and causing a short. I have seen both happen. If it looks good disconnect the entire socket and power up the circuit , if it blows then the problem is somewhere else in the circuit, if it doesn't then replace the socket or fix it. I just replaced a double element bulb in the tail light cluster that had a broken foot that was dislodged from the bulb body apparently when it was installed, even though the filaments were good I just happened to notice the solder contact was flopping around and not making contact.


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