Hi,  I recently purchased a -'92 Cab. I bought it in Phoenix and moved it to Missouri. It's a decent driver. I will be restoring to Concours if possible.

I'll be looking for sources for parts and repair advice. I have admired 968's since they were first produced.

Bill Rapp

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I'd sure enjoy seeing what you do with your car as you move along. I wish I could get a good mechanic's course around here, but the courses at the college here are packed. Ergo, I have to pay to get work done when/as I need it. I found a great mechanic/tech here, though. One man operation and really tries hard to research and make sure his repairs are lasting and correct. He's worked wonders on my car.


Good luck with yours. I agree that I enjoy driving this more everytime I get in. I have to thank my friend Frenchy for telling me about the 968s. It's a great Porsche.

I'll start posting some photos of the different projects as they move along.  I certtainly agree these cars are great.



Don't forget, 944 dashes will work as well. Back to 1987 with the dual airbags came out. I believe they are the same.




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