Please check out the new Shop when you get the chance.  Instead of just jumping to a CafePress site, it now includes a few new non-CafePress items, such as embroidered hats! 

Many of you have asked for these for years, so here's your chance to snag one (or two) for the holidays.  Supplies are extremely limited, as I didn't want a garage full of unwanted gear.  The shopping cart is powered by Google Checkout, so you can use most major credit cards.  Everything should work for our non-US members as well.  As I've not used this shopping cart before, please drop me a line should you buy a hat so I can be sure to look for your order (Google is supposed to alert me, but just in case...).

Now that I have access to a high-tech embroidery shop and a laser engraver, please let me know of any other products you'd like to see.

Shop early, shop often!

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