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I am looking to buy a Porsche 968 coupe. I test drove a 1992 one and I noticed a number of things that worried me. I cannot take the car to a Porsche mechanic before I buy it so I would greatly appreciate if somebody could shed some light on my findings and what to expect in terms of repair price.

The car has 141000 miles and the price is $7500 in Pittsburgh, PA. Below are the findings I am worried about:


1. The car was vibrating/shaking at a speed around 40 miles, then the vibration was going away to re-appear at 70miles, which was filling more like an imbalanced tire (the tires were new).

Is this an indication of motor mounts problems?

I did not hear any clicks when downshifting or up shifting gears.


2. Brake pedal was going way to low, almost to the floor, but the brakes were working. Pumping the pedal was not shortening the pedal's travel distance. The car was inspected 5 month ago, so probably the pads were not too bad. Is this an indication of master cylinder problem?


3. Although I did not find any oil drops on the parking spot, I could see oil on the lower part of the engine, both, left and right sides(See the picture). Could this be from oil filter/oil change? What is the most common reason of oil leaks and how costly is to fix them? This is something I will not be able to do by myself.


There a couple more things which are more cosmetic/convenience things:


1. Power window on passenger side does not work.


2. AC does not work (I could hear the compressor working, though).


3. Minor scratches around the car (the car did not look like it was only driven in good weather).


The engine felt strong, fluids clean, the exhaust clean and not smelling. The only service record available is 8 years old and done at 120000 miles  (see the picture).

I thought that the price was fair before I drove it but I am not so sure now. Taking into account the findings listed above; do you think $7500 is a good price for this car? Is 140000 miles close to the moment when an engine rebuild will be needed? This would be my first Porsche so any suggestions and information is welcomed.


Attached are some pics.


Thank you in advance,





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 timing belt yes, balance shaft belt no. b/s belt needs to be retensioned after replacement and at regular intervals
Thanks for the clarification Ken.


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