Hi All,


I am looking to buy a Porsche 968 coupe. I test drove a 1992 one and I noticed a number of things that worried me. I cannot take the car to a Porsche mechanic before I buy it so I would greatly appreciate if somebody could shed some light on my findings and what to expect in terms of repair price.

The car has 141000 miles and the price is $7500 in Pittsburgh, PA. Below are the findings I am worried about:


1. The car was vibrating/shaking at a speed around 40 miles, then the vibration was going away to re-appear at 70miles, which was filling more like an imbalanced tire (the tires were new).

Is this an indication of motor mounts problems?

I did not hear any clicks when downshifting or up shifting gears.


2. Brake pedal was going way to low, almost to the floor, but the brakes were working. Pumping the pedal was not shortening the pedal's travel distance. The car was inspected 5 month ago, so probably the pads were not too bad. Is this an indication of master cylinder problem?


3. Although I did not find any oil drops on the parking spot, I could see oil on the lower part of the engine, both, left and right sides(See the picture). Could this be from oil filter/oil change? What is the most common reason of oil leaks and how costly is to fix them? This is something I will not be able to do by myself.


There a couple more things which are more cosmetic/convenience things:


1. Power window on passenger side does not work.


2. AC does not work (I could hear the compressor working, though).


3. Minor scratches around the car (the car did not look like it was only driven in good weather).


The engine felt strong, fluids clean, the exhaust clean and not smelling. The only service record available is 8 years old and done at 120000 miles  (see the picture).

I thought that the price was fair before I drove it but I am not so sure now. Taking into account the findings listed above; do you think $7500 is a good price for this car? Is 140000 miles close to the moment when an engine rebuild will be needed? This would be my first Porsche so any suggestions and information is welcomed.


Attached are some pics.


Thank you in advance,





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These are great cars, first. I'm not a mechanic, but I would strongly suggest that you take it to someone who could look at it. Some of the things you are encountering are fairly common problems for these cars: power window, AC, scratches. They can be expensive to fix (particularly the AC).

My car is strange in that it doesn't appear to be using any oil, but there are small areas where there are clearly minor (real minor) oil leaks. It is not uncommon for these Porsches to burn oil.

I would encourage you, though, to take the car in for some kind of Pre Purchase Inspection with a mechanic somewhere - even if it is not a Porsche mechanic. If the seller won't allow you to do that, I would look somewhere else for a car, to be honest.

Here is a link to values for Porsche 968 that you should probably be paying:


According to Excellence Magazine, where it is based off of their current research into selling prices, the car price range is at a low around $8500 to a high of 11,700, not taking into account cars with very low miles in like-new condition or cars with major problems on the low end.

I bought my car for $4800 and have put about $4000 into it. It is now a reliable and very fun car to drive that I enjoy very much and don't plan on selling for a LONG time.

Good luck.

Monte is right. The belt job was done, but was the belt retensioned? The oil could be from a careless oil change, but you never know. $7500 is a good price, even if you do have to put a bit of money into it. These cars need to be taken care of or else there is a possibility of failure...big time, keep one step ahead of the car.
I had no idea a tensioner is over $1000. Good thing that is done.
You did say the car was shaking. Could be tire out of balance, could be motor mounts, could be flywheel/clutch...etc.
Brake pedal, the pedal can be slightly adjusted mechanically, under the dash, but more than likely, they need bleeding. If you do need to change something in the brake or clutch system, do everything at once, you may be sorry if you don't.
These cars are not easy for someone who has little experience with automobiles to work on. You should read everything you can...Clark's Garage...etc.
Hi Ken,

I doubt that the belt/chain were retensioned, although the recomendation was to have it done in 2000miles.
I suspect that the vibration is a more serious issue than a wheel out of balance. I will probably take the car for a second test drive and pay more attention to it.
The brake pedal was not soft, just going to low.
As for reading, yes, lately that is my favorite activity at night . Clark's garage ia s great resource, the forums too. No matter how much I read, I know my limits: I am more of a maintenance guy.
I know many things in theory, but never did any engine work nor replaced a timing belt. But always there is a first time...
Hi Peter,

Did you go ahead and buy the 968?


Hi Monte,


Yes, I brought she home yesterday.


The good: pretty good cosmetic conditions, horizon blue color, service records up to 120000 miles (currently 140000). The last owner did not drive the car much and did not do any service either.

The bad: no passenger power window, no AC, some oil leaks.

I stii have to go over the records to clarify what needs done immediately. I wouls like to change oil: I guess you cannot go wrong with that. Do you guys have any technic on this so the oil from the filter does not spill over the engine?

I am attaching a picture taken from beneath the car: there is an opening on the clutch which I believe should have a plug but it is missing on my car. Can you confirm tha your car has it and may be you know the part #?

Second attachment is the car's picture.







It's a nice looking car, Peter! I know you're going to enjoy it - even during the process of getting everything working. I'm on what I hope will be the last major piece of work for a bit, and that is the climate control and the AM/FM antenna. The help I received here in figuring out what was wrong has been invaluable and has saved me lots of money. Have fun!


You might try checking the switch for the passenger window. Does it work from the driver's side at all? If it's only a problem on the passenger window, it may only be the switch. As for the AC, that can be fairly expensive. Have a shop do a leak test to see where it may be losing refrigerant. My problem actually turned out to be two-fold: the compressor and another part within the dash. I'll be getting my car back tomorrow, hopefully, and give you further information as to what they found and fixed. (It wasn't cheap - about $800 - including a compressor I already had and three or four other parts.)

Ooops. That opening, I think, is a window that enables you or the mechanic to get a look at the condition of the clutch to see whether it needs to be replaced. You might try shining a light in there to see.

Thanks, Monte!

The passenger window does not work from the driver's side either. I found a good troubleshooting guide on Clark's garage, I will follow it.

I might give up on AC, at least for now: I see from the records that there were 2-3 attempts to fix it, one at the Porsche dealership but apparently nothing worked.

Any info on AC solved issues is welcomed.

 You are def. going to find a leak or 2, as long as it is not running out, just clean it up and check the torque on the bolt. Eventually you may want to reseal the area.

 What I do to prevent too much oil running all over the place is to let it sit for a couple of days and put a lot of rags under the filter. Go to a parts store and get a filter wrench that fits over the end of the filter...looks like a cap, will save a lot of trouble. You may also want to lift the car a bit and put some rags on the belly pan(bat wing).

The cap is commonly missing on these cars. There are several, 3 I think along the torque tube. Look in the parts cat. and you will see where they go.


Thanks, Ken.

That opening is for when/if the clutch blows out, the rubber parts can "blow out".  The clutch is rubber centered for ease of comfort when driving.  Try not to use it.


Jack Harris,

I thought the 968 had an auto TB tensioner that kept it adjusted right?


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