Hello fellow 968 fans,

My name is Neal, I just purchased my first 968 on Sunday. Drove it home to St. Louis from Tennessee, it was a fun drive!!

After 2 days of ownership, some issues have croppped up:

- Drivers side headlight stays in th up position.
- There must be a drain on the battery, it went dead again after charging.

Any assistance or direction on these items would be appreciated. I will try and post some pictures over the weekend, this is a great looking car.



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Hi Neal,


Congratulations on your new baby!  I love those "first drives" in the new car -- I've done it twice in 968s, once from New Orleans to Atlanta (rough ride, as it was horribly out of alignment) and once from San Jose to Atlanta (lotsa miles covered in 2.5 days).  Any other surprises during your drive home?


Regarding the headlight, surely one of our more technically savvy members will suggest a course of action.  Have you figured out your battery drain yet?  Any aftermarket accessories, like stereos and such?  Are the interior lights (including trunk) properly set?


We're looking forward to seeing some photos!  Congrats again!






I'm in St Louis and I can help you if you're still having troubles.




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