My rear wiper went out a while ago.  I'm assuming it's easy to replace but I know what "assume" stands for!  My cruise-control module also went out, very loud clicking so I had to disconnect it.  Looking for replacements.



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Rick, I have a rear wiper motor that wasn't at all difficult to remove. Please email me if you're interested (ray at 968 dot net).

Sorry... no help with the cruise control module.


Hi Ray,


I apologize for the delay.  It went out so long ago that I am looking for the wiper assembly as well.  If I may ask, why did you take your motor off?

I believe I have the wiper, too, so please let me know and I'll dig through the garage.

Initially I removed it for a few reasons:
- At high speeds on the track the rear wiper flapped around a bit
- The wiper motor took up precious rear cargo room
- I almost never used it (typically I drive my truck in the rain; the Turbo S rear spoiler reduces visibility through the rear hatch, so I rely much more on the side mirrors)

In the years since I removed it I've not missed it, so I guess it was a good decision (for me, at least).

Cool.  Let me know what you'd want for them.  I appreciate it.


Have a great weekend,



did you ever get the cruise control and wiper motor? I have both on a 958 that I'm parting out. thanks, Gary

Hi Gary,

No, I haven't gotten anything.  If you have them and want to give me a price I'd appreciate it.

$150 for both.

        thanks, gary

Sounds good.  Let me know how you want me to pay.


you can paypal $150 plus $15 shipping to gdasmith@cybermesa.com or send a check to Gary Smith P.O. Box 63 Embudo, NM 87531.

                                     thanks, Gary

Hey Gary,


I'll send a check.  Paypal takes four days to process a deposit so you'll know the check is good.





Hi Gary,


The check for the rear wiper and cruise control is on the way.  Do you have a lot of other parts left?  I have other pieces that have broken, (e.g. leather "pad" under the shift-knob, center console, a piece of body trim). 


  I sold all of the interior including the console. I might have the pad and what piece of bodf trim do you need?



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