I have sold both of my '94 968s. I have a bunch of misc. parts to get
rid of. Please contact me before I put them up for auction. I can send
pictures via email if you want. I am open to reasonable offers plus
shipping. Please contact me at z851@yahoo.com. Location is New Holland, PA

OK, here is the list:

-Front and rear seats in black in       $450
 like new condition  
-New fuel pump relay                        $15
-Front and rear seat belts                 $50
-Tool kit & jack                               $50
-Rear floor mats in black                  $15
-Air bag for passenger side dash       $250
-Lic. plate bracket                           $10
-Drivers side front brake duct          $15
-Drivers side fog light                $125
-Drivers side turn signal               $30
-Trunk/hatch release switch             $25
-Storage compartment from under radio   $25
-Front sway bar                         $50
-Air box and scoop                      $50
-Top radiador cover                     $10
-Belly pan                              $40
-Rear brake rotor covers                $15
-Trim for between front bumper          $30
 cover and fender (new)
-1 set of Cup 2 wheels 7x17 9x17. 1 rear $700
wheel has scratches from gravel pit.
Rear tires are Michlin Pilot Sport Cup tires
255 ZR 17s with 1 D.E. session.

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The part you sent looks great. You wouldn't by ant chance have a cigarette lighter? I just noticed mine is missing.

No sorry
Would you still have the belly pan and the front bumper trim?
The belly pan is gone. I do still have one trim piece.
What options are the seats? Interested in what upholstery & Power & Heat options. If known, what year /mileage car were they take from?


Id snap up the wheels in a second if they werent soo far away


do you still have the wheels available?

I've been looking for a second set for my '93 968



Hi Bob,


Yes I do still have them.

Hi Craig,

great, do you have any pictures?

you mentioned that the rears have Michelin Pilot sports. are they down to the wear marks?

I'm riding on pilot sports myself. the fronts still have good tread, but the rears have worn right down.

are there tires on the fronts also?

thanks, Bob

I'm interested in the tool kit and jack. Mine was "borrowed" by sources unknown when I took our 968 into one of three different mechanic shops to be worked on.




Do you by any chance have a left rear light cover? I'm in need of one of those, unfortunately, after I did something stupid this morning.


looking for the spare air pump

are thes booth coupes as i am looking for the left side top latch... the one on the roof


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