Porsche 968 M030 Sport larger front 4 piston brake calipers. The leading pistons have a diameter of about 40 mm, and the back pistons are about 32 mm. The pad area is also substantially larger than the regular 968 brakes.  M030 brake pads are the same length as the big brakes (twin turbo), on the width they are a little smaller than the big brakes, but substantially larger in both dimensions vs the standard 968 brake pads. These are very effective brakes, nearly as good as the big twin turbo bakes.  Believe fits early 1990s 911, 993, and the like.  Will need adaptor to fit onto the non-sport 968.

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These M030 front brake calipers are still available.

These M030 Brake Calipers are still available.

The rare M030 front brake calipers with low miles (about 60K miles) is available.  Price US$750 Seattle.

Do you still have the calipers for sale?

Hi Kevin, yes they are available.


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