I'm in Denver, Co. and looking to purchase a clean, lowest milage as possible 968.

Any leads would be appreciated. Color or year is not important, Maintainence records are though.


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I have a good friend of mine who just text me about his 968. He is the reason I bought mine. He never drives his .he has owned it since he was a teen. And I remember seeing the car when he got it. It is immaculate. The car is black its a 1993 and it has tan leather.it only has 28,443 miles on it! he is in illinois and I just saw him about 4months ago when he told me the dealer he took it to for service told him it was one of the lowest 968 they had seen in a long time. He is from a porsche family and he contacted me asking what he should sell it for and to give me a first crack at it. Only I already have one. What are u looking to spend on it? Im going to put a thread on here to generate interest in it.

What's the status of your friend's car?  Does he still have it?  Looking to sell it?

Last i checked he decided to keep it considering that he will soon be able to get classic plates for it soon.

I have a 1994 White Cab with 50K miles, auto, tan leather 996 seats, 3rd owner although second one bought car on spec to resell. Originally CA car, desert area, once in MN has never seen snow and rarely ever rain. Very Clean, no rust, scratches, dents or excesssive wear, interior clean no rips seats or dash, pretty much like new. More if interested. Frank1

Are you still looking for a 968?  I've got a 1992 Cab that I'm going to be putting on the market soon.  It has 89,000 on it.  It is gaurds red with a black and tan interior, clean, in good shape.  I live in Morrison, CO.  I don't have alot of maintenance records, unfortunately.  Thx.

I made an error on my return listing, my Cab has upgraded 993 seats not 996 as posted.

Hi Robert are you still looking for a 968,I have a immaculate 1992 coupe 6-speed 105,000 miles red/black,recent full service of over $5000,timing belt,etc etc,with receipts,interior has no wear,no dash cracks,all stock,never been on a track,I am in Florida,let me know,thanks Mark

Bill, Hi,

I realize that you probably have sold your car but I thought that I will ask, do you still have it?

Thanks, Ralph L.

 1994 968 black/black coupe, 16,000 miles,2nd owner (purchased from a friend 5 yrs ago). six speed, 17 inch wheels, factory car phone option (analog), sun roof.  Original sticker.  $25,000.  I live near Pittsburgh.


Is this car still around?

I may sell my 1992 cab silver dark navy blue top special order leather supple dark navy with light gray pipping car has 30000mi. all records and books sticker copy, tiptronic factory cd changer.

The last that I spoke to him, he decided to keep the car. considering he will almost be able to get his classic plates for it. Sorry about that.


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