Looking for a coupe 6 speed...not white! Anyone have anything interesting for sale?

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Hi, I have a 1992 968 Black coupe that I'm looking to sell. It's not a concours car. And by that I mean that it has 209,000 miles on it and therefore some dings and two dents, and the driver's seat is worn. However, it does have a new top-end on the engine. New valves, newly machined head, with just about 7,000 miles on it. $4,500 worth of work done, although that was a cheap rate thanks to a friendly pro owing me a favor. 

It is a 6-speed, and is black with a tan interior. It's not perfect, but I am entertaining offers, so if you'd like a great-running 968 that will run a long time further than it's got on it and don't mind some imperfections and don't want to pay over $10k (or over $7k for that matter) let me know. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico so shipping would have to be arranged if one were not to come pick it up and drive it. It's great on the freeway, I've gone from LA to Albuquerque in two very short driving days. She's strong and reliable! 

Oh, and I'd have no problem with any PPI you'd like to have done on it. Just throwing it out to ya in case you're interested. I'm at area code five-oh-five, nine eight zero four eight eight two. 

Hope you find one if not mine. They're great and I hate letting mine go but I need $ and won't sell my 914 hot rod. 


- Jon Nelson

what are you asking for you car?  

Hi Tommy

I actually sold my Boxster.  And literraly just bought an 89  944 Turbo S.  I appreciate you getting back to me.  Were you able to sell yours?

nice on the 1989 turbo s.  where, how many miles and how much on that?  i had a '88 non S and loved it.

Bought it out west. Really good condition. Have to replace motor and tranny mounts and just did the belt service. My mechanic inspected every inch and was very happy with it. Has 90k on the clock. Had on dyno and is running right around 300 HP with the bigger turbo and race chips. Has the M030 suspension and all those goodies!
Some pics

very nice.  

do you how to identify a turbo from a turbo s for the MY1988 using the VIN#?

All 89 944 turbos were automatically made with the S upgrades. They stopped using the S in 89 but most owners still call it an S because of the upgrades




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