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I'm looking to buy a 968 and know nothing about them. Could someone give me some info about the car before I get in over my head. I really like them and love the styling. Its kinda a cross between a 928 and 944 which I love. My buddys mom had one when I was a kid and I love the look of the car. I just recently totaled my 07 yukon denali due to a dear and i'm looking towards buying a used 968 thats in good shape that will not take me broke owning it. I've got a 10k cutoff on what I want to spend because I rather have the rest of my money in the bank. I'm looking for a 93-95 model thats white with the cashmere interior combo. I do want a coupe but lately all i've been seeing is convertibles. I'm not affraid of a higher mileage 100k car as long as all the maintenace has been done and the sellar has records to prove this. i'm really just looking for a car thats the color I want and has been exceptionally taken care of. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Stephen,
Looking for a 968? Best move you could make. I have had many sport cars and have never been more satisfied
then when I got the 968. The engineering, the style, the joy in driving. Just keep an eye on the important stuff
to repair and you'll be fine. My dad had three Porsches and got me hooked. Sorry I don't have a lead for one
to buy. Just have your mechanic go over it really well.
Take Care
To add to Steve's smart post, be sure the mechanic who performs your pre-purchase inspection knows not only Porsches, but specifically 968s. A few other guidelines I follow:

1) As you noted, only buy vehicles with fully-documented service and owner history. This is especially important with cars such as these, as missed services can lead to expensive repairs. I want to buy from an owner who is as detail-oriented as I am.

2) When you find a good candidate, look underneath it for leaks. Start it, pop the hood, let it warm up, and look/listen/smell for leaks or other oddities. I typically park it over clean concrete (or even newspapers), then look for leaks after a few minutes.

3) Feel free to ask this group for advice if you're not sure about certain features or modifications.

4) Be patient. 968s are rare, but the right car is out there. I loved the first one I test drove, but my mechanic advised against it. Six months later I found a much better one for less money. I still miss that gorgeous guards red cab.

5) Be willing to travel for the right car. Only my first 968 was local (Atlanta). The others were purchased from New Orleans, Boston, and San Jose.

Good luck!
Stephen, I would advise to be careful looking for the perfect color scheme. 968s aren't plentiful and finding a well maintained car under 10k will be difficult without restricting yourself to one color. As previously said, plan to spend 300 or so on a pre purchase inspection, and spend time going over the maintenance records to determine what sort of issues the car has had repeat over time. Also look for the repairs that haven't occurred yet. The door handles always wear out. The trip odometer frequently fails after being pushed when moving. What suspension work has been done? Have the motor mounts ever been replaced? Pay very close attention to belt and roller maintenance. It is recommended by many knowledgeable 968 guys to replace belts every three years regardless of mileage. I have to admit I don't always follow those guidelines, but on a car that is driven regularly you should see a receipt for that critical maintenance item in regular intervals and within 3 years of your purchase. If not, then deduct the price for the job from the sale price and get it done right away. Remember, looking for a used Porsche takes time and is half the fun. Don't get in a hurry. good luck!
Some good news for you, white with cashmere is the 7th most popular exterior/interior combo with 80 produced. But we are talking 968s here and they are all rare.

thanks for all the good advice guys! I found one that really has my interest its the right color and I even like the interior. just a beautiful car but it has 150K on it. Is that too many miles?? what should I look out for?? I'll post the link to find the car. From what I know the clutch has been replaced and thats what I know right now. Everthing looks good but i need to call the guy to get further information on the car service records. Anything in particular that really needs to be covered that hasnt been talked about in the other threads. Anyhow here is the link tell me what you guys think??


Here is the 968 i'm looking at

do you prefer these cars over 951's or 944 turbos?? i think they look more reliable but i really dont know. i've been looking at 944 turbos too, anyone want to give me a good reason to lean towards the 968's

The extra 40 or so HP of the 968 makes it feel a lot more modern. I have a six speed coupe that is stripped of a lot of dead weight, it is also slightly modified with a few things like race exaust. It is very good reliable performance even by todays standards.  Going from a NA944 to a NA944s is probably not a huge jump. Going from a NA944 to a 968 is a huge step up. Like you I love the 928 and 944 so that is why I got a 968. The 911 styling on the front is also pretty awsome.  To me the 911 styling comes out a lot stronger in person than in pictures.


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