Hi All. I'm looking for 93-95 968 coupe in good shape with less than 100K Miles in the continental US. Must be a manual with documented service history.

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Hi Pete, I have a 94.5 968 coupe for sale. It is a 6 speed in aventurine green with black/cashmere interior and 67K miles. Send me an email at jeffery.coe@snet.net for all the details and photos. Asking proces is $13.9. Jeff
I have a 94 968 Coupe with 95k miles. Guards Red with a beige interior. The car could easily be a concourse winner with only a little elbow grease, excellent mechanical and cosmetic shape. I have already won PCA club concourse awards. The car has never seen snow or salt and is originally from NC. I am asking $17.5
email me at bherman5@frontier.com if anyone is interested.
I have a black 1994 Cab with 82,000 miles iI need to sell.

e-mail: zonagolfgroup@hotmail.com
10 years on belts means I would have them done before driving away.
Will forward next week. Heading out of town for anniversary.
Pete, I have a pristine 1993 968 manual coupe with 51k and full service history. It has always been garaged, never tracked and sale price is $14k. Baby blue exterior with dark blue interior. New clutch, water-pump and tires. Feel free to email me at contino_marshall@bah.com for me details or pictures. Good luck!
Marshall, can you provide me some more details on your Horizon Blue coupe? I am interested in it. it. My email is scotth944@hotmail.com, shoot me a note and I will get you my phone number so we can talk.

Regards, ...Scott
Those Horizon Blue coupes are pretty rare. They only produced 12 of them. Strange as they produced 34 Horizon blue cabs!!!
I have a red 92, manual trans 90k on the odometer.
looking for @$10.5
Has 03 17" Boxster Dyno wheels and as we speak is in having a fresh timing belt / water pump installed ( preventative maintenance)
clean car. bad hatch molding. I will mend it before selling


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