Hi all, I'm looking to buy a '93-'95 968 Cab with manual transmission and relatively low mileage.


I'm not currently a Porsche owner. Just found this site. Can you help with me with other sites that would be good resources for my search.


I'm buying this car for my soon to be 18 year old son. He was born in '93 so I really would like to find a '93.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Hopefully your DR ad won't be as elusive as your posts here.

Seems to me a couple of folks here need to get off that Charlie Sheen drug and take a reality pill...

First, Jeff's credibility is beyond question - he DOES know more than Dr. Porsche ever has re the 968 anyway..   Secondly, much to all of our dismay, and certainly unjustly so , or regretfully, or however else you want to put it.. even a showroom caliber 968 isn't worth more than your so-called Mustang in this market..  


I have the right car, it's just everyone here is cheap, like 25K is a lot for a Porsche. LOL


I give them the best car, on a silver platter, but of course that is never good enough.



People have a right to be a cheap and smart buyer. Sellers usually need $, so buyers are at the advantage. How do you think the rich get rich? Buy when the market is low and sell when it is high!!

Doug, nice looking car. A couple of corrections for you.


Porsche produced 306 1995 968 cabs for the North American market.


Your cab is actually the 10th to the last triple black 968 cab. SS840219, SS840248, SS840251, SS840257, SS840279, SS840281, SS840304, SS840331, and SS840363, all produced after yours, were also triple black. It is the third most popular color combo of 968 cabs with 190 produced for NA. Who told you your car was the last TB one?






I believe you to be true. This "jeff968" thinks he is the all know of 968's but he really has no idea.  There are cars that Porsche (Germany) doesn't publish to the general public as jeff seems to think.  I have a huge collection of cars and most of them are one of a kind.  Congrats on owning the last triple blk 968 and it's worth every penny of your asking price. 


This site seems to be a fraud.  Go to renslist or hmn or other true collector and credible sites. 


Jeff, stop dreaming.  Unless you are related to Dr. Porsche's family you really have no place to pretend and trick people that you have all the info.




Yeah, what do I know.  I've owned 968s since 1996. I'm the advocate for the Porsche Club 968 register. I'm on Rennlist, and if you send Doug over to HMN and he picks up the April 2010 issue of Hemming's Sports and Exotics you find a nice feature on my car with a lot of the production information provided by me for their 968 buyers guide. But what do I know. I'm just out to trick people. :)


Hey Jeff,


I just saw this thread and couldn't believe my eyes. Anyone who would question Jeff's nearly Encyclopedic knowledge of 968s doesn't know Jeff, and doesn't know 968s. Frankly, I wouldn't trust them.




Looking forward to seeing you soon,



Jeff isn't harshin', he's just factin'. :-)


I love the back-and-forth in this forum.  Jeff, we so appreciate your participation.  What a great resource!  And an even better guy.




I have an idea: Why don't you take your show and ego somewhere else? Jeff has earned credibility here. You haven't and prove more each day how little you have. You sound like a con man to me.

With warmest regards,


Jeff has been immersed in the 968 world going all the way back to the original .net, and I've had the pleasure of having him as a friend going back to the first 968 get together in 2000, when we both had different 968's than we now own.  'Special' order cars delivered to dealer management have been rumored; I recall someone claiming a 'special' ordered cabriolet with MO30-but none that have been verified.



Mr. Wertz engaged himself in "credibility self-destruct".  I think everyone figured this one out.


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