Hi all, I'm looking to buy a '93-'95 968 Cab with manual transmission and relatively low mileage.


I'm not currently a Porsche owner. Just found this site. Can you help with me with other sites that would be good resources for my search.


I'm buying this car for my soon to be 18 year old son. He was born in '93 so I really would like to find a '93.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Thanks for the kind words guys. You know my intentions have always been to improve our community and make owning a 968 more fun. I'm always happy to share my knowledge and all my data.

yeah, I know,.. guilty as charged !   too much reading to keep up with, and I often forget there's more than just one forum out there..  can't multi-task all that well at my "advanced age ", lol.   I'll try though.. 

I'm new to the 968 world and was snooping around the forum and started reading this thread. it was awsome!!!!! lots of forums are afriad to offend, but as too often people are offend by facts.

To jeffs defence, when i added my first post Jeff was the first to reply and with a very detailed professional PDF of EXACTLY what i was looking for. Im guessing by the member replies he has never steered anyone incorrectly.

Some very witty replies. More please!!!



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