Hi all, I'm looking to buy a '93-'95 968 Cab with manual transmission and relatively low mileage.


I'm not currently a Porsche owner. Just found this site. Can you help with me with other sites that would be good resources for my search.


I'm buying this car for my soon to be 18 year old son. He was born in '93 so I really would like to find a '93.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Hey Malcom, were you  gonna send me pictures. If so I did not yet receive them. Thank you in advance, Eddie.

Malcom, they never made a 95 cab for the North American market with a marble gray full leather interior. Post the last three digits of the VIN and I'll tell you what the car came with from the factory.


I have the original window sticker that lists the options.  This is the best rarest out there.  You won't find better. 
They sold 134 Polar silver 968 cabs in North America. It was the 5th most popular color on the 968 cab out of 34 available colors. Look closer at that sticker. You may see that it reads full leather seats, a $2,256 option. Full leather interiors cost over $4,000. They only made 3 full leather cabs in 1995 and none of them were Marble gray.
That's what makes this car so special.  It was ordered through senior management at Porsche originally for the owner of the dealership in North Carolina.  Maybe that's why you don't have it on your list.  This car is the real deal which justifies the price.  This is perhaps the best rarest 968 ever produced.  Again, this car has FULL LEATHER interior!!  Buy with confidence.

I have it on my list. I have a complete list with them all listed including your's. If you will post the last 3 digits of the VIN I will tell you the details of your car and how it compares to the full production run.  i run the North American 968 registry and have all the details.


Mine was a special "extra car" produced and wouldn't show up on your list. 
yeah, right :) So much for "buying with confidence".
 I'm with you Jeff
Why don't you simply post pics of the window sticker?  If you are concerned about the VIN and privacy then just white the last few digits out.  Sticker along with some pics might satisfy a lot of curious minds.
All I need are the last 3 digits to provide all the production details. Not much of a VIN there.
Car will be advertised in Dupont Registry with all info there. 


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