Hi all, I'm looking to buy a '93-'95 968 Cab with manual transmission and relatively low mileage.


I'm not currently a Porsche owner. Just found this site. Can you help with me with other sites that would be good resources for my search.


I'm buying this car for my soon to be 18 year old son. He was born in '93 so I really would like to find a '93.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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try this Link for the National Craigs List Search



I am selling my 89 year old father's 1 owner 1995 CAB with 8K documented original miles.  Car is as new.  ALL original!!!  Polar Silver Blk top marble grey FULL leather.  6 speed manual.  THIS is possibly the BEST lowest mile ORIGINAL in the world.  Stored in climate controlled garage.  Considering best offers.

Malcom, where do you have the details posted?




Please let me know what info you would like.  This car is a time capsule.  Listed on Hemmings.  Have had offers in the 40-50k range but I know it's worth more.  Please feel free to ask any questions.  Thanks for your interest.  MW

Eddie - FYI.  As much as I'd like to see someone purchase this car that has a true appreciation I wouldn't recommend any 968's for young driver's.  These car's were behind their time then (which adds to the joy) but really not safe for a young driver.  Buy him a new Cayenne! 

Malcom, this car would be for me. I tried to find it on Hemmings and the only '95 I see is not yours. I would love to see pictures.


I have over 50 high res pics.  What's your email?  I will send them.  Thanks.  MW



Malcom,what do you mean "behind their time"?

A 968 has a 6 speed while everyone else was doing 5spds.

The 968 was one of the first to use variable valve technology.

The rear mounted tranny, (started with the 944), that gave the car almost a prefect 50/50 weight balance has been copied by many sports cars since then (example the C5/C6 vette)

4 cylinder performance cars are something we'll see more and more of as gas prices continue to rise.

Dual airbags and ABS standard. 4 piston calipers at each corner.

The exterior styling still looks great today. Every year someone asks me if the 968 is a new Porsche model and I have to tell them it is close to 20 years old now.

IMHO, 968s were way ahead of their time and that is one reason they have aged so well.





Thanks for making the case for the 968.  In an age of every car looking the same with "angry eyes" it's refreshing to see a beautifully styled GT that is simply ageless.  I think Malcom was referring to the general opinion that the 968 lacked in power compared to the competition.  But one must keep in mind the role the 968 served; an entry level Porsche that offered the total driving experience and the engineering quality of a Porsche.  I think they are a superb balance of everything I look for in a GT class and will become even more desireable with time.


I greatly enjoyed my '88 Carrera, but will absolutely love my 968.

Malcom, does your Dad's 968 have the VIN SS840239? Then it has full leather seats but not a full leather interior. The full leather interior include the lower dash, door panels, console, and a few other things wrapped in leather in addition to the full leather seats. Where is the car located?


Car does have FULL LEATHER interior.


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