Looking to buy '92 Black 6-spd Coupe....Have Questions

The listing for this '92 coupe shows a clean, detailed 968 in decent shape, but no records.   The VIN # is WP0AA2965NS820218 (any history or info would be much appreciated).  I see a couple of things in the pictures for which I hope someone here can help me better understand...

1) No weights on the shock towers...Is this an issue?  Did some models not come with weights?
2) Rear seats have vinal one-piece bottom.  Was this the case for early 968's?  I have seen later models with carpet or clot in between the rear bottom seats.
3) No service records.  They show a clean AutoCheck in the listing, but have no records for the belts, wp, tranny, vario cam, or anything.  Anyone see the po as a lister here?
4) They told me the options sticker was not under the carpet in the cargo area.  Is this possible?  Why would it be missing?
5) How can I determine if it has M220 (LSD) option without the sticker above?

I previously owned a '94 Amazon Green coupe which I sold six years ago when my twins were born.  I'm now ready to get back into it!  I appreciate everyone's input here.  No feelings will get hurt in responding to this post!


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Walter, one item that jumps out from the interior is the missing center console/armrest. It looks like just the tray remains, with the Sony remote perhaps embedded. Not sure how comfortable that'll be, and a replacement armrest + tray is $129 at Paragon.

I would be nervous about the lack of service records.
If you want a black on black coupe this might be the only one you see for a long time. If you do get it we will have the exact same car and year. I got mine for $6700, and drove it back on a 1800 mile trip with no problems at all. I believe the car your looking at has about 20K less miles than mine when I got it. As long as they put it though their shop and are doing the TB and WP service I would not worry to much about the service records. They are important, but not a deal breaker for a good car at a good price in my book.
Thanks for the reply, Kurt. I agree, but I'm in no hurry either. I'm not fixated on black, but I would like clean body and paint. I can handle the mechanical stuff.



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