Hi everyone, I'm looking for 2 perfect tail light lenses. (left and right)
for a 1994 968 Porsche.



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I have some pretty nice ones for $150/pr thanks, GAry

I have these, in case you still need them, contact me.



Hi I am in need of a driver side tail light. Did you already sell them? Walter

I did sell the tail lights thanks, Gary

Vafa - do you have a right side rear taillight assembly ??

If so, please contact me:  sailman4@gmail.com

Vafa, I need the driver's side taillight, if you still have it?  tamathumper@tamathumper.com

they are both sold, thanks,

Allen and Don:

The 968 tail light lenses are getting harder to locate and more expensive.  For now, I have decided to keep mine as back-up spare.

Thanks for the reply - I've got one on the way from dc.


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