My 968 recently suffered a timing belt failure. Taking apart the motor (well, my expert mechanic friend taking it apart while I fretted) revealed probably the best news possible: several bent valves, but none broken, and the cylinders are fine.


So I'm asking if anyone here has had experience with a specialist or knows of a shop with a specialist that rebuilds heads. It's all apart, off, and ready to be shipped. Any info would be appreciated!


Thanks folks. Oh, and here's some pics of the carnage:

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A few years ago. my wife's Volvo 960 had the same problem and same result.  I found a mechanic in Rowlett  (just outside of Dallas) who was the only one in the area qualified to rework the head.  Did a fantastic job.  He became my primary mechanic and completely rebuilt my '88 Carrera engine.  You could probably ship it to him for rebuild. By the way, has anyone checked the connecting rods? 


He specializes in euro cars and operates the most sanitary shop I've seen.   You will have to be your own judge,  but he has worked on the following cars for me, Volvo 960, Mercedes 420SEL,  Jaguar Xj8 and Porsche Carrera.  If you want to reach him, his name is Jack Laswell and here is his contact info:


International Motorcars Inc, 5010 Gordon Smith Dr, Rowlett, TX 75088
(972) 412-7280

Please tell him Rob Adams sent you.



Thanks for the info Rob.


- Jon

Try Michael Mount in Maryland.


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