just wondering if anyone had any advise on my 968 that has been parked for about ten years, should I drain the gas tank and flush the engine?

and what should I do pryor to cranking the engine?

any help will be appreciated.

Thank you


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change the belts!!!  the timing and balance belts are to be changed at a maximum interval of 4 years REGARDLESS of how few miles are on them.  if the belt breaks upon starting the engine, which is when the most stress is put on it, it will result in valves crashing and will cost you about $5k.

yes, change the fluids.  as for the gas, i would change it, and clean the injectors.

10 years sitting is a REALLY long time for one of these cars

 Is this easy to do? thank you,

no.  it requires special tools.  the procedure is in the workshop manual.  it is something we all learn to deal with one way or another.  i've personally seen neglected belts snap, and the resultant damage.  it's an interference engine, and when the timing belt goes, the valves crash into the pistons and get bent.  it's not pretty.  it's a large reason some cars sell so cheap.  the seller doesn't want to spend the money to get the belts done.

How many miles does your 968 have? As "Flash" stated change your belts, also be prepared to change the variocam and damper plate down the short road. Just Items to think about, and factor in; however it is worth it in the end. :-) 


it only has 60,000 original miles, it was hardly ever driven.

thank you guy's

Awesome! :-)

thanks, can't wait to finish it and drive it.

Don't forget all the rubber hoses. They tend to dry up and crack when the car is not driven.

When I bought mine it had 59000 miles on it and no records of timing belt change. First service to do was belts. They found the balance shaft belt broken laying in the bottom. I was lucky. For all new 968 owners take flash's comment very serious.


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