Anyone getting rid of their stock tan seats or know a good place to buy a new set? Leather is chipping in mine and trying to find a replacement.

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Hi Jason,

Hopefully soon we'll have a proper classifieds app to help us buy and sell stuff. In the meantime, I created this temporary forum and moved your post to it. Hopefully this helps bring attention to it.

And while I lack a set of seats for you, I do have a pair of black sheepskin seat covers in mint condition. Lemmeno if you're interested. Good luck!
Jason, I redid my cashmier leather seatcovers last year - Midnight Blue metallic/cashmire '92 coupe. I used Robert Budd at 928leather.com for the covers. He has many choices and project pictures on his web site. I got a great price, really amazingly low for double french seams in blue thread, and glove soft leather for the two front seats, the back lower and the two back folding back rests. I talked to Budd a couple of times on the phone, good guy. He delivered ahead of schedule. I had them installed locally in the SF Bay area. While the seats were out, the upholstery guy Z-matted the whole back of the car. All that leather looks, feel and smells great. The sound level is much better, almost lexus like, makes the car sound like a much newer car, may be 3-5 dB down for road noise. The acoustical mat behind the rear speakers also helped the new in 2004 sterio quite a bit. I will upload some pictures on my page of the old and new leather, etc.

Hi Jason,

Did you ever get a good reply re. leather seat repairs? Seems all 968s come stock with the driver's side seatback bolster about ready to blow out. I need to get mine repaired. Any help would be appreciated.

I'll also chase Ray's source below and see where that leads.


Ford Kanzler

El Granada, CA

I've not used them but you might try:  http://www.classic9leathershop.com/

Thank you Allan. Classic9 is certainly the place for recovering. Am looking for a used, unworn passenger's side seat back in the correct color that I can simply swap in.
There is also http://leatherseats.com/ - they do 968 seats in both patterns


I have a set of stock seats that are midnight blue that were removed from my 1994 968 with 51K miles.

I would sell them for $300 plus shipping.

The leather is in decent shape - no rips or tears. There is some wear on the drivers bolster and a few seams are separated which could be redone easily. I was considering changing their color using the Leatherique system   http://www.leatherique.com/

Shoot me an email stevenerwiz@com with your email address and I can send you pictures. 


Thanks Jason,

'Looking for tan. Blue seats with the rest tan probably wouldn't work so well.

Really would like finding a good, used passenger's side seat back or a complete right side in tan, to replace mine. Less hassle and cost.

If anyone comes across that, I'm your guy.

Ford - ford@prsavvy.com


checkout my seats on ebay item 190556651614

I just replaced them with a leather set in my 968 cab


Look pretty good. However, Classic 9 will reuphoster a set in leather for around $1300, so that's not a particularly attractive asking price. What are they covered with? Why does the stitching look kinda crooked?


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