last chance parts from 94 968 marginal front body parts, custom trailer hitch perfect rear clip, brakes, crested steering wheel, misc stuff

The final remains of this car will be off the the scrap yard, unless someone needs a few things. marginal fenders $100/pr, so-so hood and bumper$100.  nice colgan bra $100 real nice rear clip $400 complete, less wing. custom trailer hitch $200. Rear suspension/trailing arms $200. crested wheel $250. nice dry rack complete with cooling loop, tie rods, reservoir $250   cruise control $100 misc under the hood stuff, complete front end with brakes swaybar $900 thanks, Gary 505-579-4636 location is NM 87531 zip

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Gary, can you post the last 3 digits of the VIN so I can mark it as "dead" in the 968 registry?




  I disposed of the chassis and had to give up the title. sorry. Is there a way to delete the add?



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