I'm back and looking for my old car.  The only known 93, 968 4 Seat Cab,  Black Cashmere.  Last known to be in Chicago.  Ray do you happen to have my old VIN?

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Lando, I have a full database of all the 968 cabs. There were 72 968 cabs produced in black in 1993. I would have to check to see how many of those also had cashmere interior. What makes you think your car had a factory installed rear seat? Was it a canadian spec car (they do have the rear seats). If you give me some more information on your car i could probably get you the VIN. What other options? 6spd or Tip?
Wasn't Lando the first person to remove the rear cubby and do the seat conversion on old .net in the Modifications area IIRC?
I thought it was the other guy, in the military, he had shots of his cab next to some jets. His car was Amazon, like my old car, as i recall.
There where made 4389, 968 cabs.
2248 of those where sold in America.

12.776 968s where made.
That American number is incorrect.

There were 2,008 968 cabs produced for the North American market
1,952 of those had the US emissions package (C02)
55 had the Canadian emissions package (C36)
1 had the German emissions package (C00)

I run the 968 registry and have a complete database of the NA 968 cabs.
Okay. I have these numbers from Porsche in Germany.

What kind of registry is it that you have, was it for new cars from the car dealers?
I modified my Cab for the 4Seat conversion. I now see I am not the only one, but it was the first. I posted step by step instructions on the old 968.net If anyone can help me find my car I would appreciate it.
Those "wrong" numbers have been published in Morgan's 968 book so they are out there. My data is new car production data for all the 968s right down to each specific 968. i have a complete cab database and I'm almost done with the coupes. Let me know if you have any questions.
Lando! Great to have you back! The VIN in my records for your cab is WPOCA296XPS840220. Does this help?

Also, the Air Force pilot mentioned is Jay Veazey, and early, early 968.net member. I gotta post those photos again.

I also gotta post your cab rear seat conversion photos, Paul. Great work.



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