I just bought new struts for the hatch. I am looking at them, and it appears there is a retainer on one end that pops out, but I am unsure what the process is for the other end, where it looks like it may just pop in. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Second, IT appears my engine is leaking oil in three spots. For sure it is leaking out of the oil pan. It also appears to be leaking from the rear main seal, and possibly the cylinder head. The leaks are not extreme. I don't use much oil at all and don't usually need to add oil between oil changes, though the drips do tend to build up on the garage floor. Are these a high priority at this point to fix or can they wait?


Thanks for your thoughts.



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As a follow-up, the struts were incredibly easy to install. I'm almost embarrassed to have asked for help. They have almost completely eliminated the hatch rattles I had back there, so it was money (not much) very well spent.


For the leaks, I put a drip pan under the car, and the leak isn't all that much. Over the last month or more, there has been probably 10 tbsps. of leakage, if that. It doesn't appear that any is blowing out as smoke, which is good news.


Next project is to replace the clutch master and slave cylinders. <G>



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