I want to sell my 94 968 cab with 66000 miles.  My back is getting worse every day and I have a lot of trouble getting into it and out of it.

White with a blue top and interior.  The top is newer and so are the leather seat covers.  When they were done I also installed new foam for the seats.

It has new koni shocks front and rear.  The pinion bearings are new and correctly set.  At the same time that was done two new shifting sleeves were installed. The speedo and gauges have been correctly rebuilt by Hollywood Speedometers.  It has new A/C.  It works as does the speed control.  The latest to be done is a new radiator ad Nok sensors.  I'm sure I'm forgetting somethings.

The radio was replaced with a double din chassis Kenwood and an antenna was placed on the rear deck for sirius/xm.  Speakers were upgraded and spound wonderful.  Nothing wrong with the exhaust system. It has 16 inch wheels with Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires.  I estimate they are about 1/4 worn. It has ceramic brake pads amnd what appears to be Brembo calipers.

I know that Hagarty's lists an "excellent" 968 cab at $28700 and the NADA lists clean retail at $33000.

What do you say?  How should I price it??? Thanks for your help.

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Unfortunately, all those great upgrades youve done dont really add value to the car. I have a "92 968 Cab. Ive never seen those kind of prices for a 1994. (one day the prices will be more than the MSRP)  If you want to sell- take those prices if someone will pay.



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