thanks for adding me to the forum. ive had a 944turbo for almost 8yrs and it was recently stolen. so i used the insurance check to buy my 1995 968cab w/114k.

 i have a 3.0l turbo motor that i plan on installing this summer...really look forward to it. the 968 has quite abit of power but when you are used to 450hp...i miss it for sure.

so my problem is the two front latches that seal the top to the windshield is loose. the top rattles when i go over bumps, and if i pull down on the top it is tight and doesnt rattle. i would like to just tighten the latches myself rather then take it to an exspensive top shop if possible.

any help or ideas would be much appreciated.


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I had a problem where the driver side latch would not stay tight when I hit a bump.  I removed the interior header panel above the windshield.  If you take it off you will see where the latch is attached to sheet metal.

I took a vise grip and clamped the sheet metal and twisted the sheet metal until the latching action was tighter and did not open.  This was done about 2 years ago and it holds closed as it should.  My number is 908-647-1743 if you need more information.



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