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I still have my 1993 968CS but it's in a bad condition and use a 350Z for daily driving.

18 months ago I heard the sprockets on the camshafts were getting bad, because the car had nearly 320,000 kms. I thought a rebuild engine was a better option than just the head.
I found an offer for just such a thing and ordered this exchange engine.

Once the engine was build in it was obvious it was vibrating badly and found the balance shafts were set wrong. Regretfully setting them up properly did not do away with the vibration and after about 2000 kms. the oil pump suddenly failed and the engine nearly seized.

The supplier put an other rebuild engine in the car but this one also vibrated badly.
As a matter of fact on the second day it would not even start, at my regular workshop we found many bolts were loose, among others the main mass cable between generator and battery had come off.

This was fixed but the vibration remained and could not be fixed with the obvious remedies.

Again after some 2000 kms. I took it again back to the supplier of the engine.
This time he replaced all hydraulic valve lifters, something I had suggested already during the first engine, and I must say the vibration is nearly gone.
But now we have a terrible knocking sound from around the Variocam.

I have given up on doing business with this guy and am now looking around some other specialist to find the problems.

Where not to go: http://dev.v-zweeden.com/

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I have a feeling you did not read my last sentence, the one with the link.

Because it was Rob van Zweeden who sold me the exchange engine for €3850.- and had two failed attempts to get it fixed.

The guy is not bad for parts but doesn't have a clue on how to (re)build a 968 engine!

My legal assistance insurance refused to help me as van Zweeden is not registered with one of the automotive trade organisations.
Okay, sorry I did not se the link, now I did :-/

I only know one more place in Holland: http://www.theojansen-porsche.nl/ Maybe he are able to help you, or tell you where to go.


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