Anybody had trouble with this?? Mine has broken at the plug and the wires fell out. I put it back together and it seems to work OK but had to put tape on the plug to hold it inplace.  From reading online it looks like not an easy job.   I may have the timing belts replaced soon so that appears to be the time to replace the sensor..  Anybody have a sensor prefer new as the older it is the more likely it will break at the plug from heat wear.







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There are some good tech articles on replacing the sensor in the rennlist forums and elsewhere. I bought the connector on eBay and just replaced it as the wires seemed ok.

Later, I had come to realize that the sensor was not working as the engine is lazy above :4000rpm. I looked at unbolting it from the back of the distributor ... As others have done.

What I found was this...the cam cover is hollow on the front end. Since I do not like to spend money, I decided to take a hacksaw blade and cut a small section off of the cam cover (about half inch wide x two inches high). This worked out perfectly so that I had room to remove the upper bolt as well as that sensor. I didn't have to remove / replace the cam cover and a unch of gaskets...and with the wiring connector and power steering reservoir in place, this modification is not visible.

Also,the original sensor had disentigrated But, since I did not remove the cam gear while previously replacing the timing belt I did not see this. Now, I am looking forward to having 6 degrees more timing advance this spring.

Hope you get that sensor of yours fixed and have fun driving


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