Has been a long time since i posted on .net


Its great that 968.net is back up and running.  Pictures and other usefull information should be back up soon.



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Even greater if the former content is restored as well.
Nearly all of the photos and such will be restored over the coming weeks. The discussions are trickier -- I backed up the database regularly, but it was corrupted, and then lost. Hopefully we can extract some useful articles from the carnage.

Strangely, the original discussions, the flat FrontPage, are in good shape, safely backed up. Unfortunately most of the really good stuff was in the Snitz database. Keep your fingers crossed we can salvage 'em...

Thanks Ray. Great body of information locked up in that database.
Trying to remember was snitz using an access database? If you want me to help I'll be glad to look at it and see what old access tools I still have laying around
Fantastic! I'll dig through my old drives (gotta find and mount first) and contact you with what I find. Thanks so much.
If it's a SQL db of some sort I can work on that as well, been spending a lot of time working on corrupt DBs lately. :)


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