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Upon seeing Don Hassenbein's avatar 

I was reminded that organizing my garage and upgrading the floor is long overdue. Don, what brand of floor is that in your avatar? How do you like it?


I know Costco has flooring, but have read that the plastic snap-together styles make a clack clack clack sound when you walk on them, which I do not want.


Any suggestions on flooring, brands and distributors would be appreciated.


Thanks 968 folks.




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Why not just use an epoxy floor covering. Easy to paint on the floor. And very easy to clean.

I used epoxy paint on the floor of my garage at a previous house. A problem with paint is that the hot tires cause a problem for the paint.

Nevertheless, certainly an option to think about again. It is less expensive than the pastic square approach, and avoids the clack clack clack sound that I do not like.
...spanish tiles...
beautiful...easy to clean
I'm re doing my garage this spring/summer. Going to tile the floor with Quarry Tile.
Ceramic tiles or natural stone tiles would be great. Not sure that will get the wife approval - issues of $ and labor time $ or our hours if we insall ourselves.

Need a solution above epoxy paint and below ceramic/stone tiles.
I recently installed UCoatit garage epoxy sealant. I am not sure if I would do it again. Some of it could be my color choice, but I have lost a bunch of small sockets, tools because it's hard to track them now. I also installed some blk color flakes to give it a marble look.
The flr gets extremely slippery if you spill something, so you have to be very careful. UCoatit comes with a lifetime warranty. I have some lifting/peeling in some areas from warm tires after a drive.
It took me a good part of a weekend to prep the floor, so be ready for that.
Good luck.
Grant and guys,

I bought my black and white tiles in 1998 when I retired and glued them down myself. Product was from Armstrong tiles but I have not seen them in the store lately. As you can see, they have held up well but I did purchase extras for replacement, if needed.

A friend mine has the clack-clack tiles, they look great but they are much more expensive than stick on tiles.

Suggest you check out Lowes and Home Depot if you decide to go with stick-on vinyl tiles. A little messy to install plus cutting the outer edges is no fun, but they will hold up well.

Don's Tiles look great imho.
Porcelian tiles... They cost a bit more but look great and are very durable. Its the same as what dealers use in their service areas.
I have the snap-together tiles from a company called MotoFloor, which I believe is related to another flooring company called RaceDeck. I have the black & white tiles and they were easy to install and initially looked great. However, I would not install them again. Not only do they "click/clack" when I walk on them, they get dirty fast and are a pain to keep clean.

Even worse, my rolling floor jack doesn't work well with these tiles and I almost did serious damage to a car when it nearly fell off the jack. I eventually had to modify the jack to make it work more safely.

But perhaps the biggest concern I have is that I sometimes give static shocks to my cars after walking on the clickity-clackity tile floor. Static shocks and gasoline do not mix well, so this is a real concern. Meanwhile, I spent about $900 on this floor at Costco, and my wife thought she was doing something really nice for me when she suggested I get it. Now that I have it, I wish I didn't.

I reviewed this product in depth -- with photos -- on a site called Viewpoints.com. You can read my review here.

Let me know if you have any questions about this stuff.

I used an epoxy paint on one of the basement floors in my home. It took a big cleaning job (LOTS of work!) to prepare the floor. It looked good for a few years but a blister started after about six or seven years. I now have a bare concrete spot about four inches in diameter in an obvious spot. Why can't it blister in an inconspicuous corner?

Bob Kovacs
Wow, thanks for the really helpful information, Bob. We've seen those tiles at Costco, too, and have been tempted to spruce up the garage with 'em.

Speaking of Costco, you may have seen the Goodyear windshield wipers. They're priced right -- somewhere around $10 each, if I recall -- and handle water well. But they're solid, so air doesn't flow through them, which causes them to buffet past 70mph or so. They're perfect for my Range Rover, whose OEM blades cost $80 EACH (the NAPA guy nearly crapped his pants when he read the price off his computer screen), but not so great for my 968.
I used 2 part epoxy on my floor from Shewin Williams. The can mix it in any color. I used Medical White. Dirt and tire marks come right off using a little Purple Power. The whit reflects the florescent lighting. I painted the walls Tan and used the the White wire shelving and closet organizers to hold all my stuff.

With the white floor and lighting when I open the garage door at night , its like when the spaceship opens in Close Encounter of th Third Kind.


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